02 Back to the world

Post date: Jun 16, 2013 12:06:33 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Henrik))

In front of the graves was a runestone telling the story of a group of brigands slaughtering an innocent mage and his dozen zombie friends under a castle rightfully owned by a peaceful trading association and martial arts appreciation society... Two undead rose from the ground and battled the group, but were slain.

After a nights sleep - and now cursed with a blight - they pressed on to a frozen lake with heavy mist floating over it - peculiar in such cold climate. Halfway across the lake they were attacked by another hag, this one decrying them as the murderers of her beloved son, Goti Runecaster. Eventually she and her mephit familiar were slain, her home looted, and her beautiful ice sculptures picturing the group was destroyed. Noticing that the lake's ice was quickly breaking up as the climate warmed quickly they crossed the lake and headed in another direction - with the realization that wherever they headed, they would end up at another hag's lair, they soon came upon more eastern lands. Rice paddies and a village with poor peasants lay at the bottom of a hill, which was topped by a pagoda that supposedly contained the peasants' cruel mistress.

Realising that they needed rest before facing another hard fight they camped outside the village, but were attacked by one of the village spokesmen during the night - now transformed into a wraith. In the morning they headed for the pagoda - pausing briefly on the way to slay the other of the village spokesmen. In the pagoda they first faced a howling hound, and then it's mistress, a white haired witch who did her best to slay them all, but failed. While looting her beautiful home they came across some skilled rice-paper paintings of themselves. When they burned those, everything shattered and faded away, leaving them slumped on the ground back in their own world, on the path to the Crown of the World.

After resting up from their ordeals, their travels led them to the far north, facing - and slaying - a giant and his pet winter wolf that claimed to guard the giant tombs as well as several undead creatures on several occasions, including a huge frostfallen mammoth that nearly was the end of them all. They were forced to use the Amatatsu Seal to raise one of their number.

When we quit for the day they had just reached Lost Lake, and found out about the lake spirit that had stolen the children of the (now abandoned) village.