03 To the World's End

Post date: Jul 7, 2013 10:38:53 PM

((Anders, Christer, Henrik))

At the lake they found inexpertly hidden tracks heading out onto the ice which they followed, eventually ending up in an ambush from below the ice. Four merrows and a Quallapilluk attacked them. As the merrows were defeated they turned into the kidnapped children, the bodies of which they returned to the surviving villagers.

A few day's journey on they came across a village of cannibals that offered them human meat and were offended when all (but Muahah) turned it down, and attacked, but were wiped out.

After encountering another frozen mastodon they came to Iqaliat, right at the edge of the high ice. There the local shaman acccused them of causing the recent dragon attacks. In response they headed out to slay the white dragon Vegsundvaag. They found her lair in a reft in the ice, climbed down and killed her, but not before learning that the reason she had declared war on all 'warm apes' was that someone from the village had crushed all her eggs, leaving an amulet marked with the village's symbol behind.

They suspected the shaman, and when they headed back they accused him, he sensed that he wouldn't win that argument, and disappeared. They found out where he hid, and followed him there. A fight with several undead, his bodyguard and some spiritual allies he summoned followed. As we ended the session he had just tried to retreat out the door, leaving a River of Wind behind him.