04 Top of the World

Post date: Jul 10, 2013 7:55:27 AM

((Anders, Christer, Henrik))

Tunuak managed to get away, fleeing into the polar night. His bodyguard turned out to have been possessed by a Quasit who almost escaped, but ran into the River of Wind Tunuak had left behind and was smashed into a wall by it. The clues they found near the altar and what the villagers told them pointed them towards the Nameless City sited on the north pole, specifically the Storm Tower. Apparently Tunuak worshipped the nascent demon prince Sithhud, and worked for someone named Tatiyana. The group also learned that somthing called the White Peacock Crown was lost in the nameless city, and that it was useful against Oni.

On the way to the pole Tunuak attacked again, this time with an undead ally, but was eventually defeated after a very long fight.

As they neared the pole the altitude grew higher, and all are constantly fatigued by the lack of air.

At the city they found that it was more or less surrounded by armies of the undead, so they decided to try to find the tunnel into the city that they had heard had been used to bring the peacock crown into the city. While trying to get access to it they were attacked by a giant meat-eating flower, that proceeded to devour and cocoon two of the group before being destroyed. In the tunnel they were attacked by some peculiar force-using creatures, and themselves attacked a pair of clockwork spies and a clockwork soldier.

Once in the city they headed for the tower, hoping to find an accessible entrance from within the city. They found some human-sized tracks, figured they might lead to clues about the crown, but decided to head for the tower first. At the tower they were attacked by some aquatic bile-spewing creatures. It was a difficult fight, but they won. After this the group was in a sufficiently bad shape that they decided to try to find a place to sleep. During the night some huge flying creature noticed them, and swept down to attack...