06 Female lifespark construct war machine human ninja monk (martial artist)

Post date: Aug 18, 2013 8:16:33 AM

((Anders, Andreas, Henrik))

After leaving the tower they decided to track down the location of the White Peacock Crown, following some human tracks. After a while they were approached by an old woman who claimed to be Miriya, the Tian ninja who had brought the crown to the city, she agreed to show them where the huge construct she had hid the crown in was. Shortly after this they were attacked by what Miriya claimed to be a machine-created half-construct clone of her, which they managed to take down. They made their way (without Miriya, who stayed behind) into the manufactory where they fought a number of clockwork creatures as well as the gargantuan cyborg processor in a room filled with peculiar devices and various moving contraptions. (To modern eyes, an automated factory controlled by a number of robots.) Things did not go well for our heroes...