07 Betrayal, redemption, escape

Post date: Aug 18, 2013 8:54:11 AM

((Anders, Andreas, Henrik, Lars))

The fight continued, now with the aid of the three barbarians summoned using the single-use horn of valhalla (one of which turned out to be Thorcel, who had apparently been swept up by the horns magic and brought into the fight.) Eventually the group did, somehow, manage to wipe out the robots, only to be greeted by a harsh laugh and a cry of 'Fools! Now I'll kill you all and get the Crown!' as it turned out that 'Miriya' was actually an Oni, who tried - unsuccessfully as it turned out - to kill them. After finding the crown in the remains of the cyborg processor they headed out again. On the way out they were again assaulted by the 'clone'. After a few rounds of fighting they figured out that this was actually the *real* Miriya, and that they shared the common goal of stopping the Oni in Minkai. They convinced her to join them, but, alas, when they left the city they soon realized that she could not live outside the city. They left her there, promising to return for her after they had saved the Empire. (I.e. at level 16 + Mythic. :)

Traveling swiftly south, with a detour to Dead Man's Dome as they first tried to avoid, and then (with the aid of the Dead Man) fought off large numbers of undead that the spirit of Katiyana drove towards them, they soon left the High Ice, visiting Al-Ungorn briefly before heading through the pass. In Osman they avoided contact with anyone, but as they approaced the Last Pass they realized that Katiyanas spirit had once again caught up with them, this time putting a number of Morozkos ahead of them, blocking the pass. Luckily Koya had heard of the ancient spirit-path under the Wall of Heaven. After fighting off some undead dropped from the stormclouds (as well as a hungry dire tiger) they passed through the Gates of Desna and started along the Path of Spirits.