08 The Path of Spirits

Post date: Oct 30, 2013 4:42:28 PM

((Andreas, Christer, Lars. We played on the 27th.))

Leaving the unnatural storm behind it, the caravan moved ahead into the darkness of the Path of Spirits, with the usual suspects scouting ahead. While scouting a path they came across a patrol of headless undead mummies that almost wiped them out. Later a small group of Yetis were forced to attack them by Inquisitor magic.

Eventually they came to a more built-up part, again guarded by a quartet of headless wardens, but this time they were far easier to slay. After investigating the area they tried to cross the bridge across a chasm, but were unable to proceed due to the antilife shell that protected it. They managed to dispel it and proceeded into a large chamber with a petrified tree sitting in a glowing violet pool as it's centerpiece, with a corpse lying in front of a door off to the side. They stashed the caravan just inside the antilife shell as they proceeded into the room, only to be attacked by a pair of spectres, that were soon joined by another pair of spectres. Their mercenary priest was slain, and it was very, very close for everyone else. Eventually they realized that the spectres couldn't pass beyond a barrier surrounding the tree, making it just barely possible to get the caravan past the room without neccessarily raising more spectres.