09 A Long and Bloody Battle

Post date: Nov 9, 2013 11:20:24 PM

((Anders, Lars, Christer))

The corpse in front of the door that Muahah immediately headed for turned out to be a revenant, but luckily they killed it before the greater shadow turned up. Once the shadow was dispatched Muahah headed inside, followed by the others urging him to be cautious, but, instead he walked up to loot the 'corpse', which turned out to be a graveknight anti-paladin... Once the graveknight was fully a corpse they looted the body, Muahah putting on the four-mirror armor and Thorcel carrying the spirit sword.

Again Muahah pushed on while his fellow half-orc Thorcel urging him to slow down, but to little effect. Heading down a rough-hewn path they came across some Yetis that they attacked, those yetis were soon joined by more reinforcements, and those by yet more reinforcements, and so on and so forth... By the time all the yetis were dead they had slain 28 normal yetis and another 9 yeti savages, all had been more or less seriously hurt (Hiro had been almost dead more than once.) As they breathed out in the massive field of gore and intestines that surrounded them, sardonic applause was heard from a passage. In stepped two more savage yetis as well as the yeti king, Bormurg.

As it turned out there was something strange about Bormurg, unlike all the other yetis he spoke fluent common - albeit with a rough voice, as if unused to speaking - and had a somehow femine body-language. He and his bodyguards attacked, he summoned a fire elemental and struck with lightningbolts before he was finally struck down. Only for the ghost of Katiyana to leave his body and continue the fight. She was eventually slain, but the bodyguards decided that as all of their tribe were dead, they might as well go down fighting, so they tore Thorcel apart with their blows. Of course, him being a half-orc, he didn't even grunt in pain - possibly with the help of the silence field he was in - as he hit -49 hitpoints, before surging back to only -2, and finally passing out. Once the battle with Katiyana and the guards was over, Hiro and Eggal caught up - Hiro had been affected by a greater command and then struck down early in the fight.

The caravan came up to their position and witnessing the blood and gore-spattered battlefield all were struck with awe - and not a little fear - at the thought of what had happened in that cave...