1 Into Brinestump Marsh

(Anders, Lars, Henrik (late))

As the Licktoad Goblins had resumed their raiding - emboldened by a huge supply of stolen fireworks - the Sheriff of Sandpoint had instituted a bounty of 10gp per Goblin ear and 300 gp for Chief Gutwad's head. Having been given the advice to first check with Warden Walthus Proudstump who lived along the new fish trail in the marsh, our heroes headed there. Once there they were greeted by an obviously wounded and poisoned Walthus who claimed to have been attacked by a huge snake. They healed him, but as no good deed goes unpunished, it turned out that he was in fact a shapeshifter who had assumed Walthus' form, and attacked immediately once he had been healed. He was however driven off into the swamp, and the true Walthus was found hiding in a hidden room. Walthus gave them some advice about the marsh, including how to find the goblin village.

After resting for the night at Walthus', they headed back along the new fish trail, where they were attacked by the Soggy River Monster, which turned out to be quite easily dispatched. In the monster's lair they found a number of human heads, some of them former citizens of Sandpoint. At the goblin village everything seemed deathly quiet, they found a large hole in the wall and a dozen newly dead goblins before they finally encountered some hidden goblins. A series of running battles through the village followed, ending up in front of the doors to the boss's well-built hut. Eventually they managed to break down the doors to the hut, immediately being greeted by a group of goblins launching fireworks at them. Unfortunately firing off large rockets indoors is not all that bright an idea - but then, who claimed that goblins are bright? - so several of the goblins perished. In the front line were three goblins warriors, behind them the tribe's heroes - Reeta Bigbad the Barbarian Bride, ??? the Cleric and Bothcheeks Burned the Sorcerer as well as Chief Gutwad. Eventually all goblins were dispatched, leaving a total of 11 hp left among the heroes... After healing up a bit using wands and potions they searched and looted the village before sleeping.

The next morning they followed the tracks the ones that had assaulted the village before them had left, encountering a giant leech along the way before finding a cave set into a cliff wall at the edge of the marsh. Not feeling up to another fight, they headed back to town.

In town they were greeted as heroes both for dispatching the goblins and for bringing back the heads of the lost citizens. After some shopping (and learning that the Sheriff would be willing to pay for a good map of the marsh), they headed back to the cave the following morning. After some backtracking in the caves they snuck up on a 'Huge F---ing Lizard', that the Ninja handily coup de graced - except that it turned out to be already dead, and the giant spider currently supping on it was naturally distraught and proceeded to attempt to web and poison them all. It failed. Beyond the spider's chamber they found a small pool with some gems on a small island. As expected it turned out to be a trap, but the water-creature that attacked was summarily dispatched, the gems turned out to be some rock crystals, not to valuable, but, some gold is better than no gold... After that they came to a shoreline in the cave where a number of skeletons lay on the beach. The ninja hacked of the head of one, making the rest animate, and eventually be deanimated by arrow, axe, wakizashi and positive energy channeling.