2 Mapping the Marsh

((Lars, Andreas, Anders, Henrik, Molle))

At the end of the cave they found a samurai (that turned out to be undead) sitting on a chest. When Hiro approached him, he rose, introduced himself as Tsutumo and challenged Hiro to single combat. As none of the others understood Tien, they also jumped into the fray, making Tsutumo cry out 'Treason' (again in Tien) which summoned the skeletal guards. This turned out to not make much of a difference in the fight, leaving Tsutumo dead (not undead? :) on the ground.

Inside the hilt of Tsutumo's sword - Whispering Shrike - they found a letter written in Tien.

They brought the letter back to Ameiko who translated it - it was a letter from her grandfather to her father, from which she draw the conclusion that she had to go to Brinewall castle to find out what had happened to her family. While she set up the caravan, the pcs headed back into the swamp.

After having tromped through most of the swamp, including the old swamp witch's shack, they returned with a good set of maps to the sheriff who rewarded them for it.

Some discussion on the caravan followed, but all agreed to sleep on it.