4. Brinewall Assault

((Anders, Andreas, Henrik, Lars))

The journey from Roderic's Cove to Brinewall passed without any incidents (other than slaughtering some peasants with presumptions of bandithood) until the very last day when Ameiko fell into a coma, occasionally mumbling cryptic phrases in Tien. The coma seemed to be magically induced, and she reacted badly to increased distance from Brinewall, so they decided to leave her with the caravan a few hours out from Brinewall.

The village seemed abandoned, barring a few Reefclaws that were chewing on the corpse of a sea drake that had apparently perished fairly recently after sinking a longship near one of the village's piers.

The castle seemed abandoned, but as they could hear guards inside the gatehouse they decided to climb the walls above the gates. As there were some crow-like humanoids there a battle followed. During the battle the three initial guards, two more from the gate house, a giant spider and his ettercap keeper, another two guards, two male ogre-like humanoids and another slightly larger female of the same general type joined the fight. Off across the courtyard another being like the guards could be seen sighting in a catapult and impatiently waiting for the area to be clear of combatants on his side.

We ended the session in the middle of the combat, with more creatures approaching the battle...