6. Cleaning Out the Dungeon

((Anders, Christer, Henrik))

With Hiro dying on a high rock shelf, and the monster doing lots of damage, they were about to retreat (leaving Hiro behind) when Spivey appeared, concerned that they had entered the wrong secret entrance, the dangerous one. With her helf (well, healing) they managed to dispose of the monster cried out to it's father 'Pazuzu, Pazuzu, Lama Sabachtani!', and expired. After looting his cache, they continued on.

They soon came across a door that they eventually battered down. Behind that door was a rather sleepy - and now thoroughly pissed off - Ogre who along with the Troglodytes that soon appeared fought them for a bit before the Ogre retreated. After the Trogs were defeated they continued and walked into an ambush staged by the Ogre. Who, somehow, managed to surprise the Ninja in the group (noone else though.) After heavy fighting the Ogre was slain, and his prisoner Kelda Oxgutter was freed, told them her story and agreed to join the group for a few months after getting her gear back.

After this they retreated for a couple of nights, identified all their gear - which led to Muahah getting stuck with the Statuette of Pazuzu...

When they returned they took the other entrance, cleared out the only remaining monster, and checked out the entire dungeon, finding that the stairs up had been filled with stones and rubble. They returned to camp, and there we ended for the night.