8. Doors & Dimensions

((Andreas, Christer, Henrik))

On reaching the castle they realized that their climbing coach rogue was nowhere to be seen, so they decided to again try a more direct approach. I.e., bash the doors in. Once in they soon moved to the main hall where they found a number of corbies apparently putting on a play, directed by a Tian man with a red face and a freakishly large nose. As the director cried 'Scene 4, dramatic combat!' the fight with the corbies started. When they wounded the director he berated them for not following the script, and dimension doored away. A chase through most of the rest of the castle followed, with him finding further actors and dimension dooring away as he got hurt. The second time they found him he had changed into his true form, a Yamabushi Tengu Oni. As they realized that he was regenerating, they quickly moved after him. At the end they cornered him in a ruined chapel to Desna (now set up a shrine to Pazuzu) and slew him and his final set of actors.

We ended the session at that point, as the hour was late. Or, well, early. Technically...