Amatatsu Seal (and Warding Box)

The Amatatsu Seal is a minor artifact.

It has 5 charges per day that can be spent on Amateratsu scions as follows (all spells CL 20):

Cure Serious Wounds,Remove Curse,Remove Disease or Restoration costs 1 charge each.

Heal costs 5 charges.

At the seal’s discretion it can cast Resurrection, which disables it for a month.

The seal can never be transported by teleportation magic or interdimensional travel. It radiates strong magic, and can easily be tracked by magic across any distance.

The Warding Box is a minor artifact. It can hold one object no larger than 8 inches × 8 inches × 3 inches (or up to 25 pounds) in each of its three compartments at any one time. (The box can be opened or closed as a full-round action.) Anything in the box is protected from all Divination spells not cast by a god.

The party know that when the box is open the Five Storms learn where the seal is, and are likely to try to take it by force.

The box has been opened 6 times (as of 2013-12-28), the Five Storms have not yet attacked for the last opening.